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2010 Green Bay Packers NFL Super Bowl Championship Ring

2010 Green Bay Packers NFL Super Bowl Championship Ring

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A historic ring from a historic franchise, this is the only championship ring ever cast in platinum. Platinum is a notoriously difficult material for jewelers to work with, and this ring at 95% purity was no exception. During manufacturing, for every ring that was crafted, 10 would be rejected due to quality issues. This is a player issued ring.

in a battle of dynasties, the Packers defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 31-25 to win Super Bowl XLV and their 4th Super Bowl championship. Coming into the game the Packers held 12 championships (9 in the pre-Super Bowl era) and the Steelers held the most Super Bowl wins with 6. Aaron Rodgers marshaled his team to a victory over the pittsburgh Steelers and earned himself a Super Bowl MVP in the process. This game broke the record for TV viewership with 111,000,000 viewers and came within only 800 people of breaking the all-time attendance record.

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